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Cesar Casier's 4th column in the Elle Belgium September 2010 issue.

Quotes from his column:

"I'm always away from home. In two years, I've spend most of my time in NYC, but I can't call it home. Home for me is the small, familiar and homy... Gent."

"I love laying in the sun on the beach... Too bad that's no longer possible. As a model I'm not allowed to get too tanned."

"Another thing that may not be absent in my ideal summer is... a festival. Even though I'm not a big fan of the massive events, mud, beer or rockmusic, there is not one summer where Ceesie will live through a summer without a wild festival. My personal favorite: Pukkelpop, the only place where you will ever see me drink a beer."

"I get the feeling that everybody looks a lot happier in the summer... It's unfair: women have a wider of variaty choice of clothing to choose from then us men."

"Here is my conclusion for all the ELLE-reading men out there!:
1. The perfect short comes above the knee. If needed, roll them a bit up, that way it will look better.
2. Combine with a simple T-shirt, marcel or oversized tanktop with a nice hat.
3. And for footwear; nice sneakers, loafers or espadrilles.
4. Make sure your legs aren't too pale/white. You will see that it won't look as bad at all.

Voila, these are the pointers that is needed to look styleful through the summer."

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