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Cesar's 2nd Column // Elle Belgium Magazine July (0 comments)

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This is Cesar's second column in Elle Belgium Magazine, July 2010 edition.

Few quotes from his column:

- Nothing is more lovely then good and healthy food.
- My love for mexican food has grown tremendously since I moved to New York.
- Personally, I'm not a bruch person. Just give me my daily green tea, yoghurt with papaya and other fresh fruit and a big glass of coconut water.
- Chinatown is dirty, it smells and its full with screaming Chinese people, but the fruit, the fish and the vegetables are top quality and most importanly, cheap.
- I get the feeling that more New Yorkers eat and live a lot healthier these days.

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The full collection was inspired by film stars Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Loving it!

It is impossible for me to ID them all, but thanks to Modelhommes/lizzylily for making the list with the known models: Adrien Sahores, Agustin Chavez/Sienra, Alex Dunstan, Alex Cunha, Andre Feulner, Andrej Pejic, Arthur Sales, Axel Miraton, Bastiaan Van Gaalen, Charlie Westerberg, Clement Chabernaud, Douglas Venhold, Florian Bourdila, Francisco Lachowski, Gen Huismans, Hedi Segalen, Jakob Wiechmann, Jeremy Dufour, Marc Heron, Mathias Billien, Max Motta, Nicolas Ripoll, Nikola Jovanovic, Nils Butler, Papis, Philipp Bierbaum, Philipp Jelenski, Scott Barnhill, Simon Nessman, Stephane Olivier, Thomas Hoefnagels, Travis Davenport, Vladimir Ivanov, Vladimir Rotar, Wael Sersoub.

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Stop Motion // Surface Magazine (0 comments)

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Photography by Tom Hines
Styling by Priscilla Polley
Hair by Kayla Michelle
Make up by Erin Parsons
Models are Petey Wright, Rory Torrens and Tobias Sorensen

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