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Photography by Magnus Magnusson
Models are Oscar Spendrup and Oskar Hydén

Video and photos are from the official Romana Colleare website.

QUOTE FROM Romana Correale's blog:
The photo shoot in Siena was during two days. One in Villa di Geggiano at my friends Andrea. The Villa is amazing it has been in movie by Bertolucci with Liv Tyler “i dance alone”. It was the summer residence of Pope Piccolomini. It has amazing gardens and the interior is breathtaking. Like always Andrea was welcoming and friendly of a kindness that is rare now days.
Magnus Magnusson is an amazing talent in picking the right moment and light and catching the train that goes by in amazing photos. He is absolutely my favorite I love his work and and his talent was a great gift for this young brand. Joakim Flodman and all the others were mesmerized by the locations and gave their best for the photo shoot trying to’ interpret Italy, italian way of being and Tuscany.
The second day we were at Villa di Corsano which is incredibly different but at same time beautiful, aristocratic and the outdoor in that area is fantastic the rolling hills and swimming pool Made it fabulous. I thank Jocopo for being so friendly and giving to’ us and preparing such good food every night.

I am happy and proud of this photoshoot and video of Oscar Spendrup playing at Villa di Geggiano makes all the magic fly to the SKY

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